Lesson 3 - The Old Testament
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Fill in the blanks
1. The Old Testament contains the first ____________ books of the Bible.
2. The last section of the Old Testament is ____________.
3. The law of Moses was given only to the nation of ____________.
4. ____________ tells us about Israel's wanderings in the desert for 40 years.
5. ____________ is the story of a man who suffered much.
6. ____________ is a book of wise sayings.
7. ____________ is story of the beginning of all things.
8. The Old Testament begins with the book of ____________ and ends with the book of ____________
9. The word "patriarch" means ___________ or head of a family."
10. The Old Testament can be divided into ____________ main sections.
11. There are ____________ books of prophecy in the Old Testament.
12. The first five books of the Old Testament were written by ____________.
13. There are ____________ books of history in the Old Testament.
14. The prophets were men who ____________ for God.
15. ____________ and ____________ contain the first written law which God gave to mankind.
Mark the correct answer
1. God chose Israel to be His special people.
2. The Ten Commandments were given only to the nation of Israel.
3. God punished Israel when they worshipped idols.
4. Ecclesiastes is a love song.
5. The law of Moses should be obeyed by all people today.
6. The prophets had the power to foretell.
7. We do not need to study the Old Testament today.
8. In the Patriarchal Age, the people did not have God's commandments written down in the Bible.
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