Reading Plans
There are many Bible reading plans from which to chose when seeking a systematic way for reading the Bible through in one year.  We have reading plans on this website designed to meet your particular approach or schedule.  

The most important aspect of starting a Bible reading plan is to finish it.  When you start out on your plan, resolve to spend about 20 minutes a day reading the Bible.  This 20 minutes should be during a quite time on your day.  You should have a good reading translation of the Bible to make reading an ease.  

It is highly recomended that you use an audio Bible reader which will read to you while you follow along with your Bible open. The advantages may be obvious -- you are more focused, the reader goes at a steady pace, and difficult words are pronounced for you.  One good audio program is the Online Audio Bible (KJV)(requires RealPlayer).  If you own a "smart phone" or "tablet computer", such as an iPad, there are several software packages you can download with different translations and most with audio capabilities.

There are four different plans listed below so you can chose the one best for you.  You can download these files onto your home computer and print out a copy for use as a checklist of your progress.  

To download a file, right click on the hyperlink (the underlined phrase) and click the "Save Target As" from the download pop-up menu.  Remember where you place the file on your computer.

To view the files, just click on the underlined hyperlink.

One Year Bible Reading Programs

Plan 1.  A Daily Bible Reading brochure which has a plan for reading the Bible through in one year.  It has a unique plan of combining Scriptures throughout the Bible into a daily plan.  The plan recommends that you spend 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week over a 50 week schedule (this allows for a catch-up weeks).  The brochure file is in Microsoft Word format (.doc).

Plan 2. Read the Whole Bible in one year uses a calendar for scheduling the daily readings.  It starts with the year 2012 and includes a plan for reading the entire Old Testament and New Testament in one year in sequential order.  It only requires a few minutes of your time each day.  The material is in the PDF format (.pdf).

Plan 3. Read the Old Testament and New Testament in one year.  This is a calendar program that allows you to read a small portion of the Old Testament and New Testament each day.  Again, it only take a few minutes a day to complete the entire Bible in one year.  The material is in the PDF format (.pdf).

Plan 4. Read the New Testament in one year.  This is a calendar reading program which gives you the New Testament scriptures broken down into small daily portions.  It will only take a few minutes a day and will be well worth you time.  The material is in the PDF format (.pdf).
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